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Ccagoaway.org is a “Give Back” Project to the community. It is a provide business and marketing content to solve intricate human problems by raising “Problem Solvers and Entrepreneurs.” We are a fuel that breathe life into your business and marketing flame and above all, we eliminate the basic excuse/obstacle which is holding you back from either starting your own business or pursuing your dream career.
What We Do? There are three keys to starting a business, building a career or making profitable investments. 
They are:
Knowledge of the Game
Get Money
An Excellent Team
Ccagoaway.org provides you the first and probably the most important key “Knowledge of the Game” at NO COST whatsoever. Our goal is to fully equip you mentally and boost your level of confidence by arming you with the needed information to succeed. Now what kind of “Knowledge” do we provide? The knowledge we provide are packaged in the form of-:
Career Hand Guides
Business Feasibility Reports
Business Startup Guides
Sample Business Plan Templates
Skill Development Courses
Investment Opportunity Analysis
Investment Advice and Plans
Who We Are?
The “Ccagoaway.org” project is made possible as a result of the committed input of some selfless entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and career minded individuals; who would rather remain anonymous.
How to Contact Us