Things to Know about Deductible in Car Insurance

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Deductible in Car Insurance

Car insurance can be so complicated. Find out which coverage that you should carry is important, however, it can be so confusing as well. Of course, having the right coverage is essential key, however, having the right deductible also necessary as well.

There are many things that you should know about deductible in car insurance, in this article you will learn about deductible mean in car insurance.

 Deductible in Car Insurance
 Deductible in Car Insurance

Deductible in car insurance is one of the most misunderstanding parts from the car insurance policy. If you don’t have full coverage inside your policy. However instead of having liability only. Then you should not worry about the deductible.

However. If you have comprehensive coverage, collision coverage or both of them, then you will get the deduction for these two options.

The deduction that you choose can affect your insurance rate. It also can affect how particular types of claim can affect you financially as well.  The first thing that you have to know is “what the deductible is”.

# What is a deductible on car insurance?

The deductible is the amount of money that you are agreeing to the payout from your pocket before your car insurance starts to pay the bills after you are filed a claim.

After you pay off the deductible. Then your car insurance has to cover the rest amount related to your claim until the limit of policy coverage. The deductible can be so vary based on coverage that you bring and there are several coverages that offer you with zero deductible.

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For example. Liability coverage does not offer you with deductible while certain coverage such as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and uninsured motorists might have deductible according to the state that you live and insurance company as well.

As mentioned before that comprehensive and collision coverage always get you with a deductible. It is also possible if you set up your own deductive at zero however it might crush on your premium significantly.

# How is the deductible effect on insurance rate?

When you are shopping for auto insurance quotes. One item that you should choose is the deductible or even two deductibles if you choose both collision and comprehensive coverage.

As mentioned before that deductible is a certain amount that will be your responsibility if you file a claim where the deductible applies as well. The amount of your deductible can affect your premium that you pay in auto insurance.

Typically, the higher deductible can bring you with lower premium because you take a bigger portion in the claim situation. It means that an auto insurance company can expect you to pay a lower amount for the claim.

However, there are several drivers found out that comprehensive coverage is less expensive compared to the collision coverage, however, this is also depending on type of car and other factors as well.

For this reason, you are able to bring a lower comprehensive deductible than what you choose in your collision deductible.

The lower deductible in comprehensive coverage means that you will pay lower out of pocket for claims that caused by theft accident, vandalism or even other non-collision incidents as well.

# When you have to apply your deductible?

The insurance customers are usually feeling confused about how and when the deductible is applied in a claim situation. When it comes to your collision deductible, the rules are typically simple.

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If you find out that you are in a fault or mostly fault in an accident then your collision coverage will be taken and use to repair your vehicle. Of course, you have to take your responsibility to pay off the deductible amount.

If you are not faulty in that accident. Then this is also depending on your state or province that you live. The damage of your car becomes the responsibility of another driver’s in liability coverage.

However. The comprehensive deductible is slightly different. Almost all of the comprehensive coverage claims. You have to take responsibility for this deductible.

This thing can be caused by many claims have different nature and there is no other insurance or other drivers that involved. The comprehensive claim can be filed for the damage from theft, fire, vandalism or other conditions which is not related to collision.

# So, when you should pay your deductible?

Keep in mind that your deductible only apply for the damages of your car than toward someone else. Another general rule is if your auto insurance will pay off your repairs then you have to pay off your deductible. So, when they pay, you should pay.

# You do not have to pay your deductible if:

Another driver hits you and considered at fault. Then their auto insurance companies should pay off your repair cost and you do not have to pay your deductible.

If you choose not to repair your car in the claim, then your repair cost will be minus your deductible.

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