10 Business Line of Credit Requirements

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Business Line of Credit Requirements

Whenever you want to obtain line of credit for developing your business, you may want to know about business line of credit requirements. Actually, every lenders or providers require different requirements.
But, let’s talk about 10 common business line of credit requirements. Here are the requirements for obtaining business line of credit:
Business Line of Credit Requirements
Business Line of Credit Requirements

# Time in Business

Time in business is a main requirement to obtain line of credit. Actually, many providers lend line of credit to companies that have been operating for a minimum of 2 years.
Providers of line of credit usually want to lend line of credit to trusted and experienced company. But if you are new in business, you still have a chance to obtain line of credit as long as you have good personal credit, personality, and collateral.
Line of credit can be obtained if you personally guarantee the loan.

# Collateral

As mentioned before, collateral will be consideration for lenders or banks to lend line of credit. Most banks and lending institutions only lend credit to companies which have good collateral for paying back the loan.
Some examples of good collaterals are inventory, financial instruments, real estate, accounts receivable, and machinery. So if your company has good collaterals, don’t be doubt to apply for line of credits.

# Revenues and Profits

It is other requirement to obtain line of credit. Your company should have revenues and profits to obtain line of credits. Why? Every lending institution always considers revenues and profits in order to know whether the borrower can repay the funds or not.
So, the revenues and profitability of your company must justify the size of line of credit. Finally, you can obtain the line of credit and will be easy to repay funds.

# Financial Ratios

Some lending institutions and banks also consider about financial ratios before lending loans for their clients. There are some common questions used by lenders to know about company’s financial ratios.
For example is, “is your company able to pay short-term obligations?” By reviewing the answer of every question, the lender will know whether your company can get line of credit or not.
Financial ratios also show whether your company have much debt or not. A company which has much debt will be difficult to repay the funds borrowed from lenders.

# Guarantees

It is other requirement for obtaining line of credit. Most lenders that offer line of credit require a corporate guarantee. A corporate guarantee is needed to guarantee repayment.
If the company has parent company, the lenders may ask the parent company to guarantee repayment. So, every process of obtaining line of credit can be done as soon as possible.

# Covenants

Most lending institutions also include covenants as requirement. But, every lending institution has its own covenants. The covenant may include some terms or policies.
So, try to read it carefully. Make sure everything written on the covenant doesn’t make you feel so difficult in the future. Don’t forget to always remember every point on covenant.
Why? It is because defaulting on a covenant may result extra fees, even make your line being terminated.

# Professional Experience

Your professional experience will be reviewed by lender. If you have good professional experience, you have a chance to obtain line of credit.
Lenders need to review your professional experience to know whether you can operate business in your industry or not. If your past professional experience is good enough, the lender may want to lend you loans or line of credit for developing your business.

# Personal Credit

Personal credit is other requirement to obtain line of credit. Lenders will check your personal credit to know whether you are responsible person when paying debts or not.
Sometime, personal credits reflect personal life. People who can manage their personal life are usually able to manage their business finances. So, be a good person who has good personal credit to make you get line of credit easier.

# Personal Assets

Some banks or lending institutions require a personal guarantee. So, they may review your assets. Do you have assets to be guaranteed for repay the funds?
Some common assets reviewed by banks or lending institutions are stock securities, cash, real estate, investments, and assets for collateral. In other word, people who have good personal assets will be easier to obtain line of credits.

# Background Investigation

Banks and lending institutions may also check your background. Background will influence the process of lending line of credits. So, banks and lending institutions will give the loans to people who have good background.
People with past criminal behavior may be more difficult to get loans than people who don’t have past criminal behavior.
Well, those are 10 requirements for obtaining line of credits. Whenever you want to obtain line of credits, you need to prepare various documents like driver’s license, credit score, voided business check, balance sheet, bank statements, business tax returns, personal tax returns, and many more.
Hopefully, some information about 10 business line of credit requirements above will be useful for you.

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