10 Socially Responsible Ethical Credit Card Companies

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“Socially Responsible” Ethical Credit Card Companies

Ethical Credit Card Companies
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Why should you choose a socially responsible credit card company to issue your card? There are many benefits to choosing such a company.

You will sleep well at night knowing that your money is used for a good cause and not for something that possibly ruins the earth. You will also enjoy the benefits of federal deposit insurance, higher rates and lower fees, and many great extras.

If switching to a socially responsible credit card company seems to be the right decision, here are 10 “socially responsible” ethical credit card companies that you can choose from.

# Permaculture Credit Union

Permaculture Credit Union gains profit from loans and investments. But, this New Mexico-based credit union guarantees the social responsibility of its loans and investments.

It also carries out a special campaign that is dedicated to the preservation of nature. If you are looking for a credit company that cares about both people and nature. You may find Permaculture Credit Union a good partner.

With this company as your Visa credit card issuer. You can enjoy a free annual fee with 12.99 to 21.99% annual percentage rate.

# Discover

Discover both carry out the socially responsible campaign and encourages its cardholders to do the same. The holders of Discover It cards will receive various cashback bonuses that they can either save for their own or donate to some nonprofit organizations, such as Make a Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and ASPCA.

Discover will then donate an extra $25,000 to an organization that receives the most donations from Discover It cardholders.

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# Chase

If you are a holder of Chase Freedom or Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you can enjoy the benefits of participating in the Chase Ultimate Rewards program.

The rewards that you can earn from this program can be used either to enjoy free travel or to support some nonprofit organizations through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, including ASPCA and World Wildlife Fund.

# Bank of America

Bank of America offers at least two credit cards that include charity programs. The first is the World Wildlife Fund Visa card that grants $5 of charity to the World Wildlife Fund for every new account made and $1 for every annual renewal.

The second is the Susan G. Komen MasterCard card that grants $3 of charity to Susan G. Komen foundation per new account and $1 per annual renewal.

# Beneficial State Bank

Beneficial State Bank (formerly One PacificCoast Bank) is also one of 10 “socially responsible” ethical credit card companies that we recommend to you. There are two socially responsible cards that are an issue by this bank.

The first is the Salmon Nation Visa card that provides support amounting to $15 per new card to Ecotrust’s Salmon Nation project. The second is the Sierra Club Visa card that grants $15 of charity to Sierra Club for every new card issued.

# Target

Target allows its cardholders to flexibly and independently manage their charity program. If you are a holder of Target’s RedCard card, you can choose any eligible K-12 school you want your charity to be given to.

For every purchase, you make at Target. 1$ will be allocating for the charity program. With an extra of 0.5% for any other purchases.

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# Albina Community Bank

The Oregon-based Albina Community Bank issues its Loop Card Visa card that allows its holders to participate in the bank’s effort to improve the overall quality of the City of Portland, Oregon.

One percent for every purchase made by cardholders. It is will be allocated for the improvement of Portland’s social services, education, economy, art, and environment. You don’t need to have Albina’s account in order to be the bank’s cardholder.

# Hope Federal Credit Union

Hope Federal Credit Union issues a MasterCard card with 7 to 18% APR and free annual fee. The holders this card can participate in Hope’s campaign to enhance the quality of life of living in the Mid-South regions.
In order to get this credit union’s MasterCard card. You need to be a member of Hope, whose membership is open to all people.

# Santa Cruz Community Credit Union

Santa Cruz Community Credit Union is offering a Visa card to people who are interested in participating in the community’s donation fund.

The donation fund channels the fund to 5 community causes which the cardholders can choose from. The amount of funds donated is 5 cents for every purchase cardholder makes.

# Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996. Whose primary concern is the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest in South America?

Amazon Watch issues a Visa card to cardholders. Who has an interest in preserving the natural purity of the Amazon as well as the welfare of indigenous people living there?

If you are a nature lover, Amazon Watch is one of 10 “socially responsible” ethical credit card companies that we definitely recommend to you.

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