10 Simple Steps to Validate a Business idea With $100 or Less

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The Method to Success Chance of Your Business Ideas

It said that you can start a business with just an idea in today’s era. Yes, that’s true, if you have a good idea and your idea has been proved to work really well in the field where you want to run your business.

Most people will spend more just to find out about this matter. However, with these 10 Simple Steps to Validate a Business idea With $100 or Less, you can rest your mind at ease.

It will cost you lower than you’d ever imagined, and you can even use it without money. Here are the methods.

#Friend and Family

They are the cheapest way to validate your business idea. Ask for their opinion about your idea. The interesting thing is most of friend and family that has been asked for this kind of question won’t show too much support.

Maybe, they just don’t want someone that they know stand above their position. Therefore, this is a good opinion to find out the response of the market that you didn’t aim in the first place.


Find competitors that have the same idea as yours. That will give you insight into how your business idea will work in the market.

Then, when you start to apply your plan, you just need to modify it, so it will look different or offering something more unique compared to your competitors.

#Contact Your Target

When you have a business idea, you also must understand the market that you aim, don’t you? Now, what you need to do to know if your idea will work with that market, you must contact them.

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For example, if your target has a website, find their contact and offer your idea. If you get a reply, you will know that your idea has the chance for that target.


Just like its name, you are asking for funding from the crowd or people. There are many websites that can help you to do this. You just submit your idea.

And, if there are more people support you that means your idea has a big chance to work really well. Plus, you also can get funds to bring that idea into reality.

#The Feedback Service

The crowdfunding maybe is for you who are really ready to run your idea. But, if you still want to test out your idea and make more change later, you can use the feedback service.

This service will help you to know the opinion from many people about the idea that you submit to that service. There are many services you can use, such as Hype An Idea, Pickfu, Concept Feedback and more.

#The Survey

This is an old technique. However, it’s proved to be one of the most effective methods to find more about how will your business idea acceptance levels on the market.

It doesn’t require too much money. You can make an online survey, through a website or blog, or you can ask many people that you meet directly.

This is maybe the simplest and cheapest way to validate your business idea.

#Start A Website or Blog

It’s cheap and you can even create a website or blog for free. Use the website or blog to show up your idea. Promote your blog or website, so there will be more traffic that visits your blog or website.

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Then, you can find more about the response to your idea from the comment and review that other people create after visiting your website or blog.

#Google Adwords Campaign

The next one is using Google Adwords. You can do a campaign, so your business idea and your product will be able to be found by the people from the market that you were aimed for.

This method will give you the best way to present your idea in front of many people. This is not a free service.

However, the price isn’t that expensive. You can even use the coupon to get a big discount for this service.

#Licensing Your Business Idea

This is the best way to validate your business idea. And, because we are talking about how to do this with $100 or less, this method can be considered to be in the category.

What you need to do is using a provisional patent application to patent your idea. It will cost $100. Then, you can try to offer your business idea to another company and see the reaction.

From this point, you have to choose; either you use the idea of selling it to another company.

#Online Video Presentation

Upload online video, where you explain your business idea. Ask people to join the newsletter and give them a landing page.

It will help you to know more about your business idea effect, plus you will get potential customers from this method. And, the most important thing, this method is cheap.

#The Method to Success Chance of Your Business Ideas

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