5 Best Insurance Policy for Car to Buy in 2019

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Insurance Policy for Car

Choosing the best policy to buy for your car is really necessary. You have to provide yourself with sufficient information about the kind of insurance policy you need since people might have different experiences.

Here is a list of the best insurance policy for a car to buy this year.

best insurance policy for car
best insurance policy for car

#Erie Insurance

There are two factors that contribute to the selection of insurance companies, they are competitive pricing and satisfaction over the claiming process.

Erie Insurance has all the two factors needed to be one of the best car insurance company in the United States, especially for those who reside in these following states:

  • Pennsylvania,
  • Wisconsin,
  • Tennessee,
  • North Carolina,
  • Maryland,
  • Kentucky,
  • Indiana,
  • Ohio,
  • Illinois.

This is an independent insurance company since the products are sold through independent agents’ network.

In this way, the customers will be able to buy the insurance products at a relatively lower price and get multiple quotes simply with a single phone call.


Nationwide has been known for a long time as a trustful insurance company that provides the best policy for the customers’ car. They come with high-quality service that the claims you make can be processed in a relatively shorter period of time.

Not only that, one thing that makes this insurance company widely popular is its ability to reduce the customers’ deductible by $100 per year in the case you do not get any accident for a year long.

There will be also various discounts provided for bundling your car insurance. Joining the company will make it possible for you to access the company simply by using a mobile application.

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This is very beneficial for the customers since they will able to do various tasks relate to the insurance at once and also save time.


Another best insurance policy for a car on the list that you can buy is Hartford Insurance. The company is said to have the highest rank for car insurance satisfaction if compare to all.

The Hartford Insurance comes with a high capability to accomplish the claiming process faster and inconvenient ways. Moreover, by using the insurance company’s services, your car will be repaired through a smooth process that will meet your satisfaction.

The company is available in 42 states in the US that will make it easier for you to find out the place you should go easily when you are involved in a car accident.

In addition, there will be nothing you should be worried about losing out on depreciation when there is total loss happens before the car reaches 15 months or it has passed 15,000 miles.

This is possible to happen due to the New Car Replacement Coverage program offered by the company. There is also a cool fact that you should know about the company.

Hartford has insured Abraham Lincoln’s only home that proves this insurance company is really well-reputed.

#Bristol West

Bristol West is an insurance company that is specially designed for high-risk drivers. You can find the company’s representatives in almost all states in the United States except for :

  • North Carolina,
  • Vermont,
  • Rhode Island,
  • West Virginia,
  • Washington D.C.,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Hawaii, and
  • Alaska.

Bristol West is also classified into a nonstandard insurance company. It means that you have all nonstandard problems relate to your car include:

  • very young or old of age,
  • a lot of tickets,
  • have a foreign driver license,
  • possess a sports car,
  • have a bad credit history, or you want to buy a minimum amount of coverage required by your state,
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Bristol West is the best place to go. Just for your info that more than one – third drivers now meet the classification as high-risk drivers with nonstandard issues.

You also need to know that the company comes with a decent complaint ratio and perfect financial strength rating that will guarantee the funding supports needed by customers.


Geico is another auto insurance company with the best insurance policy for a car on the list that you should buy.

This is considered to be one of the most popular insurance companies in the United States that will offer you a great bargain.

The company consistently provides cheap options for car insurance policies to select for customers in the United States.

Geico also often provides a discount for specific features of car safety and safe driving. Not only that, but the insurance company also offers various programs for nonstandard drivers.

All of the sales activities conducted within Geico are completed online since the insurance company is applying a direct sales system.

The company will be suitable the most for those who are searching for a bare-bones policy to help them protect their car. There are many reasons that make Geico be the best choice.

Some of the factors include the absence of insurance agents and middleman as well as the company’s capability to save customers’ money and give some of the savings back to them.

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