Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

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What is the best Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy that will help your business run well? Everyone in the hospitality business will agree that simple marketing strategy is no longer enough to promote their business.
They need a revolutionary strategy to promote their business, and digital marketing is the answer for this reason.
Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy
Hospitality Digital Marketing Strategy

The reason why a digital marketing strategy is important for hospitality business 

Well, the hospitality business is a large business. For the last decades, there is an increasing number of hotels and resorts and tourist destinations worldwide.

Along with the growth of the hospitality business, there is also an increased number of digital marketing strategies applied to business marketing.

When you were involved in the hospitality industry, the digital marketing strategy is the marketing strategy that cannot separate from your marketing strategy.

Here is the main reason why digital marketing strategy can boost your occupancy in hospitality and business.

The digital marketing target the potential client in the right place with the auto-program offer. The purposes of digital marketing are aimed at showing the relevant advertisements into the right targeted client group, at the right time and the right place.

It gives the potential targeted client with the right messages for automated marketing. Automated marketing is a process of sending auto marketing information to the client.

It gives you analytic research on what your customers like and not like. Simply, digital marketing uses software such as Google Analytics that can help you to analyze what is the best digital marketing strategy that works for your business and what will be not.

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In this case, analyze the right strategy means that you will need to create great experiences you offer to your targeted customer generate great marketing for your hotel.

Due to catch on what customers think about your hotel you need to make a deep research about your customer insight about your hotel.

The strategy of digital marketing in the hospitality business 

Here are some trending and popular digital marketing strategies for hospitality that can increase your business’s popularity.

Video marketing.

A posted video on the website from the companies where the hospitality takes place has been proved it have longer visits and give better engagement with the potential client. 

Social media marketing.

This is the new digital marketing strategy that has been hit every hospitality holder.

The social media marketing available to reveal the characteristic of buying behavior from the potential targeted audience and this also help you to make segmentation from your client.

Promote digital marketing from social media becomes the most important platform as most 50% of travelers are turning into social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others to research their next destination.

The most important thing when you use social media platforms, ensure that you make quality content infrequent and answer any questions from the reader.

Mobile marketing.

If you already have a website for your business, then it is important for you to make your website mobile-friendly. The major population that constant browse internet uses their phone.

If your website unable to appear in a mobile device, this means you are lost your big chance.


Do you know that when your hospitality connects with traveler apps, this makes your hospitality appears easier?

The traveler apps help the traveler to find the best deal for their accommodation and you can push the promotional offers from the apps.

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What are the best digital marketing strategies for you? 

Next, after determining to digital marketing strategies that you can choose how to determine the best one? This guide below can help you to determine which one that fits you.

Analysis of the situations.

In this step, think your marketplace that you want to enter and what you want to deliver to your targeted client.

Ask yourself with these questions: who, why and how.

You also need to analyze your competitor strategies and how they use various platforms for their marketing strategy.

You also need to look further into your internal condition and resources that you can use for the digital marketing strategy that you want to determine.


The next step that you need to do after dealing with the situations that you face. You need to look further into what aspects you want to improve.

These can be aspects of selling, serving, sizzling, speaking, and saving.

Selling means how you can acquisition the target. Serving means how you can achieve client satisfaction.

Sizzling means on how you can provide the unique and wow aspect to your offer. Speaking means how you can engage your client and saving means how you can gain the affectivity in your strategy.


In this step, use the strategy of STOP and SIT.

STOP: Segments, Targeted market, Objectivity, and positioning.

SIT: Sequence, Integration and Targeting and Segmentation.

Action. This means how you boost the digital marketing strategy you applied. Examine the process and systems that you use.

Control. This means how you control your status of digital marketing.

By considering this entire requirement, you are able to put the best strategy to your hospitality digital marketing strategy.

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