Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing: Get Closer Look at the Two Types of Marketing

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Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

People who work in the marketing field know better than anyone else. That there is a clear difference between marketing to a customer and marketing to business.

The article will talk about the difference between B2B and B2C marketing to give you a better understanding of the two types of marketing.

B2B and B2C Marketing
B2B and B2C Marketing

B2B Marketing

Basically, in B2B marketing put concerns on the logic of the product marketed. In other words, you will have more focus on the product’s features sold.

There will be no personal emotion involved in the buying decision since you only focus on how to build an understanding of the organizational buyers.

You will also need to focus on the way the buyers operate within the organization procedures.

However. There is one thing that you should keep in mind that when it comes to the discussion about service marketing or business product. Then it is actually not about the product itself but the people who use the service or the product provided.

If you want to put more concern on your company’s messaging. Then you should focus more on the product or service that is very important for the business.

The most effective marketing of B2B should be able to help you to save time, money, and other resources through the product and services obtained.

B2C Marketing

Meanwhile. The B2C is basically marketing to a customer in which you want to put more focus on the benefits of your product. Unlike the B2B, in this B2C marketing, there will be personal emotion involved in making a purchasing decision.

In this marketing type. Customers will not really care about the marketing message given and demand you to get to the point directly.
They will not want to waste their time and energy to understand the benefits of your products and services. Instead, they want you to show them clearly the benefits they can get.

Major Differences Between the Marketing Types

There is a major difference between B2B and B2C marketing that you should know, include:

#Simple Copy VS in – Depth Content

Consumers usually need marketing messages with simpler wordings. However, the industry-specific terms can be used in B2B copy to improve the readability of the marketing messages.

This can be very useful to help the producers to communicate easily with the ideal customers. In this way, the marketers will be able to create messages with deep content without needing too many words in them.


#Emotions VS Logic

In B2B marketing, marketers should consider the logical aspect of the customers. This is because buyers usually need to receive consent from multiple stakeholders before the purchasing decision is made.

Therefore. In B2B. All of the marketing materials should be support with logic, strong data, and financial resources to reach the target market effectively.

#Entertainment Aspects VS Education

Those who become B2B buyers need recognition over what they have achieved. Thus, this is very important for the vendors to establish a strong relationship with B2b purchasers since they have to put themselves in a position as a partner.

This can be done by sharing important information in order to help the clients to improve their careers and jobs.

#Loyalty to Brand VS Relationship

In B2C marketing, a loyal buyer doesn’t need to build a close relationship with the brand marketed. It will be much easier for the buyers to share content, follow a brand, or even buy the products and services all at once.

Meanwhile, B2B marketers should build a strong relationship with multiple buyers involved in the company’s system.

They can do it by obtaining value and maintaining contact to reinforce trust and make you keep in their top list of customers.

#Briefness Compared to Details

Most of the time, customers need marketing content which is not only entertaining but also easy to read and understandable.

A marketing content that comes with lots of details can be very boring. This is why the content in B2B marketing are mostly brief and not too wordy.

Marketing professionals will usually offer complete descriptions about the products and services provided to the B2B buyers. The marketers of B2B need to have complete knowledge about the benefits of their products and services.

This is important to help them build good communication with the buyers and provide them useful information to help them make informed decisions.

#Individual Decision Maker VS Series Chain of Command

Another difference between the B2B and B2C marketing is an individual decision-maker compared to the series chain of command. Everything that the customers do to inform themselves before making a purchasing decision can only take less time if compared to a B2B buying purchase.

In this type of marketing, the buying process usually involves accounting, procurement, reviews, and also approval from different stakeholders that often takes a longer time.

That makes the scales cycle of the two types of marketing is very much different from one to another.

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