The Entrepreneurial Handbook for Newbies: 15 Best Ways to Build a Business Brand Online from Scratch

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Best Ways to Build a Business Brand Online from Scratch

Looking for the 15 best ways to build a business brand online from scratch? If you do, look no further for you have found it.

#Find your demography and double-check it

A business without a customer is not a business that will run for long. Every type of businesses need to understand their demography, and online businesses are not exempt from that rule.

You need to know where your products will sell best and how to sell it well. Many start-ups fail because they cannot identify their potential customers, so you should avoid this by doing some researches first.

No matter how good your business idea is, that idea will never be profitable if you do not know to whom should you sell your product.

Use logic and rational thinking first before you head into the detailed research. You do not want to sell winter coats in Saudi Arabia, right?

#Make do with the available social media you got

Make social media accounts as your advertising platforms. Because this year is the year of social media, it is only right for you to create at least one or two social media accounts to help you advertise your business.

You can get millions of customers using this way, as long as you advertise your product right and to the right demography. This, of course, ties with the first point because, without the first point, this point cannot work well.

#Know yourself and your limits

After you created the social media accounts and all, you need to understand what you can sell and where you need to stop. Find out what is your limit so that you will not stretch yourself too thin.

Customers like it when their provider works hard, but they will not like it if the provider does not have enough time for them all. Make sure you understand your limits to prevent ‘over-customers’ from every happening.

Lots of customers mean lots of profits, but too many customers will ruin your business.

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Many young businesses use a crowdfunding platform to boost capital gain or to find investors. This works in movie productions, game productions, and many more productions.

So, there is no reason why it should not succeed in online businesses. Make sure that your proposal is believable to attract as much as crowd investors as you can.

You can also give incentives to crowd investors to potentially increase the number of investments in your business.

My advice? Do not forget that the crowd is the one who provided you with the money for your business. When the crowd provides, the crowd will ask for something in return.

You deliver them, you might not be able to need the crowdfunding platform again in the future.

#Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics

To help you analyze the market, you can use Google Analytics to get you the data and information you need. Google Analytics will help you search by dividing the potential customers’ interests in many ways.

These many ways will definitely help you find out who your customers are and which item will sell the most in this demography.

#Do not underestimate the competition

This one mistake is a mistake that many rookies have made. This mistake can also be their most glaring one, and it can be a mistake that will bring businesses down.

Do not underestimate your opponents how meek they may look. If they look meek because they are hiding a secret business technique from you, one that will certainly win the competition, and you underestimated them, you will lose.

Always stay on your toes when you are facing your competition. Stay civil but keep the vanguard if you want to survive this harsh world.

#Stick with yourself at first

This is probably one of the most important things ever when you start a new business. Before you can even begin to pay for staff, you need to be able to handle things by yourself first.

From there, you can teach news staff if you think your business needs one. If it does not need staff, then why not cut costs by not hiring staff?

#Be small but think big

Every small business starts small (well, duh), but to grow your business, you need to think big. There is no way your business will grow if you do not think about the big picture.

Put the big picture into consideration when you are planning your business to prevent the growth of your business from stalling. Keep it dynamic and it will move slowly but surely.

#Be patient

Unless you created something that is very breakthrough-y, there is no way your business will turn from a small business into a big business.

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One key for success is patience, and if you keep yourself to the very end, nurture your business from a small stalk, it will slowly grow into a big tree. The keyword here is slowly, so be patient.

#Consider business loan

If you are not very successful with crowdfunding, you can try business loans. Business loans are there to help you start businesses, so why not use it to the fullest extent?

See the person or the system giving the loans as your investors and dazzle them with your business proposal. They ought to give you loans if the business is believable.

#Consider NOT getting a commercial office

One nice thing about having an online business is you do not need to have a physical office to work in. You can do so from your house provided you have a nice working environment and a sufficient internet connection.

No more added cost from having to rent an office building makes a happy owner.

#Make mistakes

Why do I encourage people to make mistakes? The mistakes that have to be made, of course, should not be deliberate. I do not directly encourage people to make mistakes but to directly encourage people to do something.

Indirect mistakes happen because people DID something, and from those mistakes, people can learn to do things the right way when they need to do it again.

#Make a business plan

Planning is always important for everything, especially if you are someone who does not want to rely on her or his luck again and again. Make plans, make two plans, make three plans, make lots of plans.

Cover one plan with another and be sure to put all the things that can ruin your plan into consideration.

#If you already got a job, treat your new business as a side job

If you got a job already, do not think about leaving it. Do not ever think of leaving your old job for a new one as a safeguard if your new business falls. Old jobs can be a good way of building your capital, so there is that.

#Make do with the budget you have now

While I think crowdfunding is a great platform and bank loans are a possible action if you got a budget already.

Try to do the little things with the available budget before you even bother taking bank loans or submitting a proposal on a crowdfunding platform.

This might not be a simple idea, but this is one of the 15 best ways to build a business brand online from scratch.

#How to Build Your Brand, Think Bigger and Develop Self Awareness

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