The Plastic Waste Is The Serious Problems For The Future

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So far, plastic waste has become a big problem for some countries in the world including in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the amount of plastic waste reaches 175,000 tons/day or 0.7 kilograms/person or about 67 million tons/year.

Meanwhile, plastic waste on the coast of Indonesia is a lot different from the amount of plastic waste found on land.

From all plastic waste on the beach, it is estimated that 57 percent is plastic waste. So that the condition of marine pollution in Indonesia is very good. For that, Indonesia became the second country number for plastic waste producer after China.

The cause of this plastic pollution starts with ourselves or the community because there are many household goods found using plastic material.

It must be admitted that plastics do have a relatively cheap price, but when disposed to the location of the final disposal, the plastic can not decompose quickly and easily. This will directly become the pollution level of the environment is increasingly drastic, both land and sea.

The impacts of plastic waste include the following, disturbing the food chain, soil water pollution, causing air pollution, and the decline of tourism. The Indonesian government has held a ban on plastic waste programs in 2016 and it managed to reduce the plastic garbage half of the previous.

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