Chinese Government Is Ready To Spread 100,000 Ducks To Face Locust Attacks

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The Chinese government is ready to spread 100,000 ducks on the border with Pakistan to face an outbreak of locust attacks coming from the African direction.

Chinese agricultural experts, such as BBC journalists, say one duck tail can prey to more than 200 grasshoppers per day. Therefore ducks are stronger than pesticides.

The plague Grasshoppers have arrived in Pakistan. The local government, which has issued emergency information, said this was the worst plague of grasshoppers in the past two decades.

Previously grasshoppers had ruined agriculture in the East Africa region and in the middle of February, the Middle Eastern population also felt the truss of millions of grasshoppers in their land.

This week the Chinese government said it had sent a research team to Pakistan to develop a program to fight the locusts.

Lu Lizhi, a senior researcher from Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences said that the duck is a “biological weapon ” to fight the grasshopper.

He said if the chicken can eat 70 locusts in one day, then the duck can prey on insects in three times more number.

“Ducks prefer to gather in groups, so they are more manageable than chickens,” said Lu to the Chinese media.

Last January, the UN has asked the international world of shoulder shoulders against plague grasshoppers in East Africa. When Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia are overwhelmed against the plague of grasshoppers that destroy farms in the region.


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